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As we up to this point in time know, from researched sources, or: Information from documents, Internet and discussions with family members (in broad sense of the word) or surname carriers, we know that the origin of the family "POPIN" is situated in an area between Alsace, Lorraine, Mosel valley to East Prussia.

At the end of the year 1999 we found some areas in France the family Popin (altogether 236 persons) still lives in: Lorraine, Moseltal, Elsass, Dijon, Paris.

At the same time with the searches, we located in the FRG about 100 persons by that name (Internet or CD ROM "directory for Germany"), although knowing about American relations, the author didn’t realise they were 47 families. (Internet

The spelling of the surname "POPIN" maintained in all three documented which were found (Popin, Popien, Popihn).

So, "POPINS" are to be found in the Alsace, Lorraine, Moseltal, Ostpreussen, Westphalia, Banat and America.

And because for some the term is not common “Banat”, I permit to add some details.

The southeast area of  the Pannonia lowlands between middle part of the river Danube, the lower part of the river Tisza, Mures(Marosch) and the parts of South Carpats is called Banat.

The author, Eugen D. Popin, was born 1951 in Tschakowa (Ciacova) Banat and the family of my father had its roots between the Popins in the XVIII –century in Banat emigrated. There my great-grandfather and my great-grandmother, Popiin Marko and Popiin Rosa one  died very early (before my grandfather, 1919, married) have I unfortunately only very small information about my direct ancestors (Details about the author and its literary activity availableunder

My ancestors were day labourer, farmer, hairdressers, cutter, later in addition, teacher, attorneys, journalist, and writer.

After prince Haussman Histoire générale de Paris: Collection de documents, fondée par le baron Haussman - Publiée sous les auspices you conseil municipal. Paris Imprimerie imperial one. 1867 are the surname Popin already in the XIV EN  century., in the year approx. 1350 in Paris mentioned (to find in the Internet under

About 1620 Popin Matheus, farmer in  Kleiditten, in the "list of well-known direct ancestors" was mentioned by Professor Dr. Karl M. Brauer. ( http://home.t in later centuries the  name POPIN is very frequently in all Catholic Church books of the southeast Ermlands and in the literature over the inhabitants of the Ermlandes.

And this is the beginning:

Rear Eugene, that is however a surprise! (Hopefully that is not Fake of one of my friends?) Finally times a Mail the nothing with computer and Internet to do has. Interest in the origin names of the Popin exists also from my page. To add property already times remembered me an ancestor  program. So often one does not find it really! Although on the usual address CDs have I already so approx. 10 pieces found, but taken up no contact. Here one finds however some!  My family originates from the meadow valley in Ratingen with Duesseldorf, up to my great-grandfather Fritz Popin.

Ralf Popin

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